Welcome to Lightsman's World

Welcome to my homepage and let me introduce you to myself. 

I will first tell you where I come from and a little bit about the place I call home.

The Sultanate of Oman


Oman Map  AND Oman Flag

This is my country. The Sultanate of Oman. This is our flag.



Bait Al Oad

Bait Al Oad

This is my grand father's house. I lived there till I was three.


This is where I work.

The Muscat Municipality

Al Qurm Waterfall

The Waterfall at The Qurm Natural Park

I actually worked on the lighting of this waterfall

The Muscat Gate

The Muscat Gate

I have nothing to do with this. I just liked it so I added it to my page.


And this is where I graduated in October of 1992.

Sultan Qaboos University

Currently  I am currently enrolled at:



The Manchester Center for Civil and Construction Engineering

Studying for an MSc in Engineering Project Management


Now here are some of my favorite Internet links:


Weather forecast for Muscat.

Oman's Official Internet Site by the Ministry Of Information.

Osamah's hole in the web. One of my favorite homepages on the Internet. Actually I call it "my yahoo" and it just happens to be my cousin's. J

Spinner 2's homepage. A very informative site with lots and lots of help issues.

CNN interactive.

Get real player and listen to my favorite radio station


One of my favorite TV channels.

Sultanate of Oman TV and Radio on the Internet.


The one and only. My favorite TV show.

Muscat Squash Duffers Leagues.

International Squash Magazine AND The Internet Squash Federation

All you need to know about my favorite sport is available on these two sites. 

Download , my favorite IRC client, and join Efnet's #Oman and look for Lightsman.

I might be hiding on Dalnet too.

The Truth Is Out There. ........................ Where ??????

provided by GTO my Internet Service Provider.

I'm not anti-Netscape but this page, for some reason, is best viewed with

 Extra special thanks go to Jaffer Almoosawi who has provided me with most of the animations posted on this page. More of his work will be exhibited here soon inshallah. He does not have a homepage yet but you can email him here by clicking the mail icon.


Still Under ConstructionAnd

will always be


 Wait, don't just leave. I need your help !


I need all the comments you can give me to improve my page.

Any thing from what you would expect to find here to what you think I should include.

So please me and tell me your comments. I know I still have a long way to go. There are still so many links to be added. I have a lot to show this time J and I need your help!!

The World of The Master Of Lights 1.0

My old home page (April '96)

By the way, did you find my pictures?where is lightsman ???

There are more than 5 hidden links on this page to take you to them J

Something I have to mention here. A lot of my friends have been giving me loads of valuable advice about what to do with my page and how to do it. They have also been asking me about future updates to my page. To all those, I am very, very grateful; so, thank you all.


Coming soon to this site, Lightsman's Cave

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